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Ted McFadden – Sureshine Care & Restoration Services, Inc

Location: Southern California Serving Orange, LA, and Parts of Riverside Counties – 714-841-8300
San Jose and Santa Clara County
Website: sureshinecares.com & sanjosestonecare.com

Ted McFadden played an integral part in the creation of the Stone Restoration Standard. He chaired and was the principal contributor for two commitees: Stone Behavioral Groups and Restorative Processes; and contributed his expertise to the other chapters as requested. Much of the language and ideas were gleaned from Ted’s 2009 book, The Stone Care Guide as well as stonerefinishing.com a web site that provides step by step information for more than 400 stone restoration projects.

Ted was not a member of the Marble Institute of America when asked to participate in this project. He eagerly became a member and has maintained his membership since. According to him, “I believe the Marble Institute sees the value of the restoration field and is committed to its success. When given the opportunity to participate I was initially skeptical but was convinced by some peers. It has been what I consider one of the single greatest accomplishments of my professional life to be part of this team and complete this document. I am thankful to have been a participant and hope to continue to move this trade forward in whatever capacity that I can.”

About Ted McFadden:

Ted started restoring natural stone in 1987. After a few years he discovered that his initial trainer knew a lot less than he did so he set out to start his own restoration company. He did this with a partner in 1994. It took years of training, trial and error, and lost sleep before he and his partner could finally call themselves stone restorers. There were so many short cuts being used back then: cheap quick fixes that did not offer long term value for the client, waxes that covered up problems, dyes, etc. None of these methods were acceptable to Ted and his partner. Over the years the partners developed methods and procedures that are still used today to generate real results and real value for the client. In 2003 the partners incorporated their business as Sureshine. It wasn’t always easy, they are no longer partners, but Sureshine has always stuck to Ted’s single-minded purpose of offering his clients the highest value at the fairest price. Ted stresses longevity of the service. While many people will tell you that you have to perform your service every year, the team at Sureshine has continually sought to develop methods to deliver surfaces that will last years longer at competitive prices, effectively doubling the value of the services that Sureshine offers.

Career highlights and contributions to the stone restoration industry:

  • 2006 – Present: Constant and persistent presence on online forums making sure people receive the best knowledge possible.
  • 2009 – Publication of The Stone Care Guide, a how-to guide to start refinishing stone properly and effectively. As of June 2016 over 500 copies of this valuable resource have been sold. Check it out here.
  • 2010 – Ted McFadden and Cameron DeMille incorporated Easy Stone Care and released Easyoxy Stone and Multi-surface Cleaner. Easy Stone Care has gone on to become one of the premier resources of stone care products and information in the United States. Since then, Easy Stone Care has continued to innovate, creating many more products for the care and maintenance of natural stone and other hard surfaces.
  • 2011 – Ted and Cameron filed the patent for the No-spin backer pad, a revolutionary new tool design to prevent damage from the spinning disk when up against walls and fixtures. The patent #8,740,669 was awarded on June 3, 2014.
  • 2011 – The first Hands on Stone Restoration Class taught by Ted and Cameron in March of 2011 had eleven students. Since then more than 100 professionals have learned real restoration techniques by taking the four day boot camp.
  • 2012 – Delivered stonerefinishing.com, a comprehensive project management web site that provides detailed how-to information for more than 400 stone restoration projects. This resource is currently free to use.
  • 2012 – Began work with the Marble Institute of America and a team of peers on the Stone Restoration Standard.
  •  2013 – Sureshine expands to San Jose. Steve Aguilar a 25 year pro begins work to build the Sureshine brand in the bay area.
  • 2016 – Stone Restoration Standard completed by the team, published, and delivered by Ted McFadden in April at Coverings in Chicago.

The future:

Ted’s main focus is and has always been the quality and long term value that Sureshine offers to its customers. Volunteering and participating in industry organizations and events is a privilege that has been allowed by the value that Sureshine provides. According to Ted, “I am thankful every day to be able to continually offer fresh and new insights to the stone restoration field. There is no way I could do this without the training and dedication of the team at Sureshine. From the moment that we answer the phone to the last contact with the customer, the team is striving to provide long term value above all else. We know that if we focus on value, profits will come. We always think and act for the long term.”

There are several projects in the works for both Sureshine as well as the broader industry. Look for another large project for the Marble Institute of America as well.