The Industry Standard

Stone Restoration Standard

In 2012 the Marble Institute of America saw an opportunity that had not previously been available. Several prominent stone restoration professionals had been sharing their knowledge on-line as well as in published books and articles. Questions were being answered effectively about how to create long lasting predictable results on a myriad of stone restoration and refinishing projects. The time had come to bring these professionals together to create a document that explained both the procedures necessary to create predictable results and a standard for what result customers should be able to expect.

You can download the entire document in pdf format directly form the Marble Institute of America here:

The first meeting brought together 25 or so invitees from across the country at The International Surface Event in 2013. A table of contents was created as were committee assignments. When it was all said and done, a dozen or so members were left. Of the members listed on this site all played an integral role in the creation of the Stone Restoration Standard and all are owed a debt of gratitude from the entire industry. Stone Restoration has been like the wild west up to this point. People are cutting corners left and right to get the job done and collect a check and then when something goes wrong, are nowhere to be found. The commitment shown to the industry by these committee members shows their understanding of the subject matter, willingness to help increase the level of knowledge all all MIA members, and dedication to their craft.

The committees approached their craft scientifically, breaking the subject matter into sections that could be easily explained and digested by readers. Each section is a document in itself that represents decades of experience. When reading the standard please keep in mind that many of the minds that help create it have been working in the modern stone industry their entire working lives. Others have had careers prior to the stone restoration business and have brought invaluable knowledge to the team and their businesses.

If you have any questions about the team, please check out the link above listing the committee members and their bios.